Courtney Bastien

Studio Manager

I have been in the fitness industry now for 17 years after graduating from Sam Houston State with a degree in Kinesiology. I also have my nutrition certification to help with smarter ways to eat. My goal, always, has been to help people live a long healthy life style with smart exercising and healthy eating. I too have been over weight so I understand the challenges that you face going through this journey. After I started practicing the healthy way of life I wanted to teach others how to get on the same path with excitement. It’s not an easy journey, but the outcome will always outweigh all the hard work put into adding years to your life. That’s where we come into the picture. I want to help people get a great and smart workout in with the tools to continue on through life successfully!

Bea Jimenez


Fitness has always been a part of my life. I have been involved in high performance sport competition for most of my life. I have also been able to be a part of college level and national level, which was one of my biggest achievements in my sports career. Through these amazing experiences it has led me to get my nutrition certification to teach other how to eat smarter. I also want to help others perform and reach those goals with their fitness and body. I want them to share in my passion for the healthy way of life!

Jonny Rea


My passion for fitness and health is shown in my lifetime of playing sports and years of experience in healthcare. The Exercise Coach give me the opportunity to help others meet their health goals and build the strength they need to live the lives they want. When I’m not here, you can find me playing for the Houston Athletic Rugby Club or studying Kinesiology and nutrition at the University of Houston.

Corene Savoy


I attended the fitness training Academy of Houston in the summer of 2015. It was a lifelong dream to become a certified fitness professional and help others. Fitness has always been my passion and it showed while in the US Navy for 10 years. I always scored outstanding on all of the Fitness Readiness Tests. I love to run and am very passionate about nutrition. I love working with The Exercise Coach team. We have amazing people that walk through our door every day, but best of all I’m living my dream!

Tyler Stanley


I have always been passionate about fitness and health. So I decided to make it my job. I attend the University of Houston and will graduate spring of 2017. This concept with the Exercise Coach grabbed my attention immediately. I knew I wanted to be a part of a smarter way of exercising and to also deliver our message to everyone!

Mehan Haffey


I am a graduate student at the UTHealth school of public Health. I am passionate about fitness, wellness promotion, disease education. My father starting exercising with the The Exercise Coach before I started with the company. I was noticing how his body was changing and how much more energy he had that I wanted to be able to give that same gift to others that have been given to my father. I always want to help others in any way I can. So every person that opens up their mind to try this out will always see success with our paradigm!

Michael Cairnes


Fitness has been a part of my world ever since I was small. I love helping others feel the way I do. I graduated from The University of Houston and am excited about being a part of something so amazing that I get to share it with others. I love to always stay active. If I’m not in the studio helping my clients I’m playing in flag football leagues or spending time on the beach. To be able to be a part of something that will change people’s lives forever in a positive way is an amazing feeling! I want to pass it on to others!

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